All images are copyrighted by 72 Vintage Design. Stock photos from various websites are also purchased under the rights of the designer. 72 Vintage Design has the right to reuse fonts, textures and previous stock photos used in previous un-purchased designs. 



The client is not permitted to use any design in any way if it has not been paid for in full. The client is only allowed to use the design for promotional purposes of their business, albums, and books as long as the design has been paid in full and is not directly tampered with. The client or other third parties are not permitted to claim the design as their own or resell the design without consent.The client is not permitted to take ebook covers designed by 72 Vintage Design and have another entity design the print.



Effective January 1, 2020, 72 Vintage Design will require at least a 50% (non-refundable) deposit before any Book Cover, Web Design project begins. This protects the designer for the time spent. Balance due upon completion. All logo projects, Author Packages, Publishing Packages and Small Business Packages must be paid in full before design work begins. Projects paid in full will be released upon completion. Projects not paid in full will be released once full payment has been completed. All Publishing Company payments are secured up front. All payments are made via Pay-Pal transactions and any fees are not included in the price. 72 Vintage Design reserves the right to change design prices without prior notice, but all subscribers will get at least a 60 day notice of such change. 



A one time $5 late fee is assessed on any late invoices after 72 hours and after projects have been agreed upon between 72 Vintage Design and client. Unpaid notices after one week will be canceled and all work will be retained by 72 Vintage Design. These fees are to cover for the time spent on projects that were agreed upon and never paid on time.



Every custom design comes with limited changes. Changes that exceed more than the limit will be an additional $1 for font changes and $2 for image changes thereafter. 



Because ample time is allowed for you to make a decision on your final product, you will forfeit your refund if client cancels after email agreements have been confirmed. We value your time, as you should value the time we put into completing your project. Please email us directly in regards to your project to info@72vintagedesign.com.



Hour of operation:  Monday - Friday 5pm - 7pm and Saturday 12am - 2pm. Closed Sunday. Closed all major holidays.

Follow Up: Emails and or phone calls will be responded to within the next business day.

Turn around time: Most graphic design services are completed within 7-10 business days, unless specified differently within an email. Book Cover services are completed within 2-3 weeks. Website Design are based on the the agreement between 72 Vintage Design and the client. 



Files are dis-guarded after six months from project completion to make room for future projects and future clients. 72 Vintage Design retains art work for website or promotional purposes only. Publishing Companies are exempt from this policy.






All services provided by 72 Vintage Design are subject to the following terms and conditions. These policies have been put into place to protect both the client and 72 Vintage Design. They are subject to change at any time. If you do not agree with any policies of the Terms of Service, please do not contact 72 Vintage Design for any services.

Hours Of Operation:  

Monday -Friday  (5pm-7pm)

Saturday  (8am - 2pm)

Closed Sunday and all major holidays.

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